FAQ and General Information

General Information

NMU competes at the Division II level in all sports except for its Division I men’s ice hockey program. The Wildcat Hockey Team is a member of the Western Colleciate Hockey Association, the Ski Team is a member of the Central Collegiate Ski Association and the other Wildcat teams are members of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

To contact a Wildcat coach, use our contact a coach page to send your information directly to an NMU coach. 

To explore the academic opportunities you would have if you were a Wildcat student-athlete, go to www.nmu.edu and click on Academics.

In addition to its 17 varsity sports programs, Northern has vibrant club and intramural sports programs.  To learn more about the teams that compete for NMU at the club or intramural level, go to Recreational Sports.


Frequently Asked Questions

What/Who is a PSA?

A Prospective Student-Athlete, PSA is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade. A student who is younger than the ninth grade may be considered a PSA if they (or their relatives/friends) receive assistance or benefits that other prospective students don’t receive.

When does someone stop being a Prospective Student-Athlete?

When they register, enroll, and attend college OR participate in practice or competition at a four-year institution.

Who do I contact if I want to be a student-athlete?

Prospective student athletes and their parents/guardians are encouraged to contact our coaches with any interest.

Does NMU offer athletic scholarships?

Scholarships are available to participate in any of our 17 sports and are awarded by our coaches for their respective sports.  NMU is a member of the National Letter of Intent program and all NLI’s are accompanied by an athletic scholarship offer.

How do I set up a visit?

Unofficial visits should be set up as far in advance as possible.  Unofficial visits can occur at any time as long as the sport is not in a recruiting dead period. Typically a coach will not want to set up a visit with a player that he has not evaluated and identified as a potential recruit for him/her. If you haven’t started to develop a recruiting relationship with a coach, you need to start there.

Official visits should be set up in advance. PSA’s should contact the coach of their respective sport to arrange a visit.

You can also arrange a visit to campus through NMU Admissions and the Campus Visit Program.

How many official visits can I take?

You are allowed an unlimited amount of official and unofficial visits to NCAA Division II schools however there are NCAA regulations regarding the details of the visits. Each official visit may be up to 48 hrs.

What is required for me to visit?

For an unofficial visit there are no requirements in advance, other than planning the visit to be sure that it is not a recruiting dead period.

For an official visit you must submit a current transcript (high school or college) and a copy of your transcripts. You must also register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, pay the fee, and complete the amateurism questions.

What is required for me to try-out?

A PSA can participate in one on-campus try-out per institution.  A PSA must complete the NMU Try-out Health Information Form and return it with a copy of their sports physical one week in advance to any requested try-out.

What is the difference between official and unofficial visits?

An Official visit is paid for by the college, an unofficial is paid for by the family.  On an official visit, the NCAA allows a school to pay for lodging, transportation, meals, and entertainment.  On an unofficial visit, a coach is able to provide complimentary admission to our home athletic contests. 

Are official visits for ALL sports?

Yes, all varsity sports offer official visits. Official visits can be taken starting the beginning of classes senior year.

Is there a different application process for athletes?

Prospective student-athletes apply through the Northern Michigan University Admissions office and complete the process just as all students do. In order for a student to participate in athletics at Northern Michigan University they must be admitted into a four-year program.  Please refer to NMU Admissions for the current admissions requirements.

Do I have to take the ACT/SAT?

All prospective student-athletes must take the ACT/SAT on a national testing date under national testing conditions. The test can be taken as many times as the PSA prefers and any score that is achieved prior to attending classes in a full-time program of studies in a regular term of an academic year at a collegiate institution can be used.